Donnerstag, 8. September 2011

Where to find them........

Here is where you can find them........

Mianda and The Road to Askabet

Long and hard is the Road to Askabet, especially for the nine year old Mianda. She grew up on a small farm adopted by the farmer but more or less as a worker until, the farm is attacked by a huge black being forcing her to leave with her friend Boomer, a rat. On her way she meets Firehoof, a centaur, he get´s the girl into a cave, where she meets the dying Mew, a huge dragon, she brings him back to life and he is the one who gets her to Askabet but is she safe there?

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Mianda and The Crystal Portal

Mianda spent the holidays with her friends Lilly and Cedric and on their way to Askabet, they meet Professor Drake. Once arriving at the school they make their way under one of the stone heads, the tunnel leading into the valley but,something happens in the tunnel, and the valley is not the same as the one the had left behind. What has happened? Why is the school gone? They must find the Crystal Portal in order to get back to their own valley.They have to journey through different worlds to find the pieces of a mirror. This mirror opens the Portal that should lead them to a school with a new Head.

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