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A little something for Halloween...!

“Things that go bump in the night!” or “Having another nightmare honey?”

Bump! Creak!
Valentine Marshall sat up in her bed. She looked to her husband; he was still sleeping soundly, softly snoring down the next tree. She listened; all was quiet. Valentine shrugged her shoulders.
“Must have been my imagination.”
She snuggled back under her warm blankets and fell asleep.
Bump! Creak!
There it was again! This time Valentine reached out and shook her husbands, David´s arm.
“Wake up!” She whispered, too frightened to speak any louder. “David, wake up damn it!”
However, David just grunted and turned onto his right side and slept on.
“David; wake up and listen!” Valentine shook him much harder this time. “There´s someone in the house.”
“Then get up and chase them away.” David mumbled, still in dreamland.
Bump! Creak!
“Did you hear that?” Valentine whispered louder now; she was getting desperate. “David, wake up you scaredy cat, get up and take a look!”
“Why should I get up; you´re the one that´s hearing noises?” David grumbled; he was terribly annoyed at having been woken up because his sweet wife was having a nightmare. “Turn around and go back to sleep, old houses have a habit of making noises, especially at night when all is quiet.”
Even so, Valentine was not satisfied. She thumped David´s arm. “Get up and look anyway, otherwise I won´t be able to sleep all night, and I need to sleep, tomorrow will be a long day.”
“You go; I´m too tired.” David told her.
Exasperated Valentine threw back the blankets, and with a growl, she ignored her pink slippers and crept toward the closed bedroom door. Carefully, she opened the door and suddenly; she screamed. “Daviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!”
David jumped up startled, fear written all over his face. “Valentine?”
He sprang out of bed and hurried over to his wife. “Valentine, are you alright, what happened?”
Valentine turned her head slowly toward David; her eyes opened wide with shock, her face a pasty white.
“What did you see?” David stepped out into the narrow corridor, staring into the darkness.
“David?” Valentine´s voice was trembling.
“What´s wrong, I can´t see anything out here!” David put a hand on his wife´s shaking shoulder. “Tell me!”
“David?” Valentine began again.
“Honey?” David asked, concerned.
Valentine hesitated before answering. “David?” She began again and then. “My feet are freezing cold; I forgot to put on my slippers.” She giggled as she saw David´s astonished face. “Got you there!”
“You stupid… ...” David scowled at her. “I thought…!”
“What did you think; a ghoul or something had gotten hold of me?” Valentine laughed out loud. “You´re so gullible my dear love.” Valentine gave him a kiss before hurrying to put on her slippers. “I´m going down into the kitchen to get something to drink; you want something?”
David huffed. “No thanks.” He crawled into bed. “And don´t wake me when you get back.”
Valentine giggled. “I won´t; I promise.”
With that, she went out into the dark corridor, gently closing the door behind her.
A loud scream startled David. He looked to see if Valentine was back, but her side of the bed was empty. He shrugged his shoulders, turned on his side and fell asleep.

Early next morning David was woken by the antics of two small birds playing on their window sill. “Good morning Valentine.” He stretched and yawned, looked down to his wife, but she was not there. “You could have at least woken me!” He complained to himself.
David threw aside the blankets, slipped into his slippers, put on his bathrobe to go down into the kitchen. He sniffed, but he could not detect the smell of fresh coffee or his breakfast. “Hmm, no breakfast today?”
He hurried down the stairs into the kitchen, but Valentine was not there. He looked in the living room; she wasn´t there either. He called out. “Valentine, is this going to be one of your weird jokes again, that one last night was more than enough.” He checked every room in the house, but he was unable to find her.
“Well, that leaves the basement, maybe you´re down there.”
The basement door was ajar, slowly he pushed it open. It was dark in there. He reached out to turn on the light, and a cold shiver ran down his spine. At the bottom of the narrow wooden steps was his wife, her arms and legs stretched from her at a strange angle; she was lying on her stomach.
“Valentine?” He called out. He rushed down and carefully turned her onto her back. He gasped, her face, a grimace of fear. Her eyes were torn wide open, filled with fear.
A sound caused him to look up; his eyes opened wide; he opened his mouth to scream, but nothing came out…….
The End.
©Brigitte Stotzka


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